RE369 Polk County MN Sandsville Township Land for Sale


340 Acres Located 14 Miles North of East Grand Forks, MN

Or 6 Miles South of Alvarado, MN

91.3 Productivity Index

Three parcels: 

Parcel 1:  NE¼ of Section 33-154-49  Listed Price $726,000

Parcel 2: S½NW¼, NE¼NW¼ & E½NW¼NW¼ of Section 34-154-49   Listed Price $630,000

Parcel 3:  NW¼NW¼ of Section 35-154-49  Listed Price $178,000

Highly Productive Land—No Recent Sugar Beet History

Contact our office for more information:  701.757.1888

Download Brochure-RE369

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